The #1 Way to Attract New Clients to Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Liz Thoms on Aug 9, 2016 3:36:33 PM

New_Clients_FTE_Vet_Graph.jpgIn our previous blogs we have talked in great lengths about the importance of client churn rates in your practice. While it is still important to track the rate your business is gaining new clients versus the number of clients it is losing each month/quarter/year, attracting new clients is still key to growing your practice. 

Attracting new clients, no matter if they are a Millennial pet owners or not, is not an easy task, especially if you have been marketing your veterinary practice the same way for the last 10 years. Even if your practice still uses some out-of-date technology behind the desk (e.g. using a fax machine as a main form of communication or not having a practice email address) your potential new clients still expect to be able to find and communicate with you in a convenient setting outside of the office. 

A quick and easy way to learn the importance of new veterinary clients and discover the key to attracting them click the infographic below! 

 Attract Veterinary Clients VitusVet

Once you discover how to attract new clients to your practice, watch this quick 20 minute recorded webinar on "4 Simple Ways to Superglue Clients to Your Veterinary Practice"

"Superglue" Your Clients


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