Why you need text and picture messaging now

Posted by Brenna Andersen on Apr 10, 2017 12:46:33 PM

Your practice has the power to kill two birds with one stone, if you will. Instead of making a phone call, which we've established is generally inefficient and unnecessary (view previous blog here), send your client a text message stating that their pet is finished, happy, healthy and ready for pickup. Go the extra step and provide them with a photo of their pet post-surgery. This provides both relief and documentation of the surgery. It can also be beneficial if their pet needs a prescription or additional supplies after surgery. Instead of trying to relay the information over the phone, pet parents can easily access the information in writing, making it more convenient for them and reducing the chance they will forget something. Text and picture messaging is beneficial to your practice because it's:

  • Powerful- Supplies all information and records in writing, organized and tailored to a specific client
  • Noise free- No need to worry about barking dogs in the background or kids playing in the waiting rooms
  • Language barrier free- Reduces confusion and awkwardness if someone is difficult to understand
  • Pleasing and convenient for clients- Pet parents will appreciate the peace of mind seeing their pets post surgery
  • Direct- Your message won’t get lost in “spam” emails or reach a mailbox that is too full to leave a message

Connect1.pngDo you know why many other professionals including lawyers prefer email over the phone? Becasue they value the importance of documentation and of leaving a “paper trail” for future reference. A majority of restaurants also now use a texting service to notify you when your table is ready. In summary, many businesses understand the impact mobilization has on prospective customers and they are quickly adapting to implement this technology in their business.

If you have a pet and don’t have tons of pictures of them on your phone, you’re lying. Every pet parent whips out their cellphone to snap a quick pic when their pet is curled up in a funny sleeping position or playing in their first snowfall. It’s pretty simple, pet parents love pictures. Utilize pictures and texting in your practice to engage pet owners, build goodwill, and enhance the bond with your clients. Your clients will appreciate the peace of mind and your practice will appreciate the convenience, reliability and organization of implementing texting in your practice.

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