VitusVet's Smartphone App- 24/7 Access to Pet Medical Records

Posted by VitusVet on Mar 17, 2015 8:50:00 PM

Our team at VitusVet is proud to introduce our new smartphone app designed for pet owners, now available for (FREE) download in the App Store!

The VitusVet App makes your pets’ veterinary records available to you 24/7 right in the palm of your hand.




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The records stored in the app include  


  • medical notes

  • vaccine information

  • lab work

  • patient alerts

  • digital images (X-Rays, ultrasound, etc..)

  • prescription information

  • surgery information

  • discharge instructions

  • and more!


Our secure online connection ensures your pets’ privacy.


The VitusVet app allows pet owners to know what’s going on with their pets as if their veterinarian were by their side 24/7.


Having all of your pet’s medical records so easily accessible could also help in a time of a crisis. For instance, if your regular veterinary office only operates on weekdays, and your pet is injured on a Saturday, you would be able to take your pet to any emergency clinic and share all of the information stored within the app.


Your pet will be able to be treated immediately and correctly.


Save Time * Save Money * Save Lives