VitusVet Releases Mobile App for Pet Owners

Posted by Mark Olcott, DVM on May 7, 2015 12:26:16 PM

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Complete pet records to be available online and via mobile phone. Goodbye Guesswork.

May 1, 2015 - Columbia, MD - Today VitusVet announces the launch of their mobile app for consumers, which allows users to view their pets’ complete medical records any time in the palm of their hand.

The app is expected to save pet owners hundreds of dollars each year by consolidating medical information (i.e. labwork, X-Rays, vaccine dates, prescriptions, etc.) from all pet caretakers, thus avoiding the repeat testing that plagues ‘offline’ veterinary medicine.  VitusVet speaks for pets, who can’t answer questions themselves.

“The mobile app brings the VitusVet solution full circle. We started with general practitioners and ER/Specialty clinics, and now we are providing a whole new level of access for pet owners,” said Mark Olcott, DVM and co-founder of VitusVet. “VitusVet is a mission. It saves lives, and it's changing veterinary medicine forever.”

VitusVet also allows pet owners to upload their own notes, take pictures and schedule appointments with their veterinarians, but that’s just the beginning of the story. They can invite their family, kennel, dog walkers, pet sitters and others to view their pets’ profiles so everyone receives the same instructions for care.

This is a new paradigm for care; timely, complete medical records has been a vague, far off goal of the medical community for decades. With VitusVet, the future has


About VitusVet

VitusVet is a software platform that works with a veterinary practice’s existing software system and stores a pet’s complete medical record online where it’s accessible 24/7/365.  General practitioners, emergency veterinarians and specialists can all view/share a pet’s medical records on VitusVet where they are always available whenever and wherever they are needed.  VitusVet also has a mobile application that allows pet owners to have access to this information if they ever need to share it with other veterinarians, family members, boarding kennels, etc.. For more information about VitusVet, please contact us at: or on Twitter @VitusVet.