VitusVet Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Posted by Nicole Cors on Mar 11, 2015 4:28:02 PM

As a pet owner for 14 years, it felt as though I was taking the best possible care of my beautiful cocker spaniel. Looking back on it, I unfortunately had a tendency to let my busy schedule get in the way of providing my dog with the treatment he deserved. I made the common mistake of procrastinating when it came to all aspects of grooming. I wouldn’t take him to go get his haircut until his hair was by far too long. It would get to the point where it grew so much even around his eyes, causiing it to hinder his vision. When it came to bath time, I assumed a bath once a month was sufficient. My Cocker loved to explore and get messy whenever he played around in our backyard so he definitely could have benefitted from multiple baths a month rather than just one. Another issue I now realize is that I would fill up his food bowl whenever it was empty, instead of providing him with a good eating schedule. Lastly, it was hard for me to remember specifics when it came to my dog’s veterinarian visits. After reflecting back on all of the improvements I could have made with my cocker spaniel, I know that with my next pet, using VitusVet will be one of the first steps I make in order to keep my dog happy and healthy!

One of the main reasons why I think VitusVet would be extremely useful to me is because of its smartphone application. No matter where I go or what I do, I ALWAYS have my iPhone with me. It’s almost as if my life is in that little smartphone. It would be incredibly helpful to be able to access my pet’s entire medical records at any given moment. I especially like how my veterinarian and I can both upload information about my pet. More specifically, I enjoy how I can add any pet notes. This can range from any allergies my pet may have to the details of my insurance. The convenience VitusVet’s app gives pet owners is an exceptional feature. Having the ability to make veterinarian appointments through the app saves time and is simply easier than having to call and hope that the secretary picks up within their hours of operation. VitusVet’s reminders section is my favorite part of the app. The opportunity of creating daily, weekly, and monthly reminders for just about anything for my pet would be beyond helpful. This would solve the problem of my forgetfulness and my busy schedule interfering with caring for my pet. No matter when I get my next pet (hopefully a French Bulldog ASAP), I am determined to provide it with continuous care from the start, and using VitusVet will be a great step in achieving that goal.