Pet Care Simplified: VitusVet Reminder Tool

Posted by VitusVet on Oct 30, 2015 4:35:47 PM

Pet owners want to be good, responsible pet parents who take great care of their four-legged family members. In the midst of everyday life, though, it can be easy to forget important pet care tasks like monthly flea and heartworm preventatives, vet or groomer appointments, vaccinations, or a special medication schedule.

Most of us would be lost without our smartphones and the apps that help us organize or simplify our lives. The VitusVet app’s Reminder tool can also simplify pet care for yourself and your family.

Our primary mission in creating the VitusVet App is to give you and your family 24/7, anytime/anywhere access to your pet’s medical records. Besides the benefit of  having your pet’s medical records on hand (which could be life-saving in the event of an emergency), the reminder tool allows you to schedule all of your daily, monthly or annual pet care reminders, and then to share this information with your family or anyone else who may be caring for your pet.

Reminder Tool 101

Picture this: Your pet was just diagnosed with an illness and needs to take antibiotics twice per day for 10 days. You know it’s important that your pet never miss a dose, but you also need to work late this week and won’t always be there to administer this important medication.

Sure, you could leave notes for your spouse or teenagers to hopefully see (and remember), or you could have them download the VitusVet app and share the dosage schedule with them. This way, members of your family will receive an alert when it’s time to give Fluffy her pills and you can rest assured that her illness is being treated properly.

With the VitusVet Reminder tool, you’ll never forget important pet care events again, plus the reminders can be shared with anyone else who may need the information. Pet owners are able to easily set daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reminders for:

  • Flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives
  • Wellness examinations
  • Medication (dosage amounts, times, etc.)
  • Grooming appointments
  • Vaccinations
  • Litterbox cleanings
  • Annual microchip database checks
  • Dental cleanings
  • Daily walks
  • Anything else you can think of!

Vets know that forgetting to administer heartworm medication on a regular schedule is one of the key ways that pets become vulnerable to heartworm disease. If your veterinary clinic or animal hospital is a VitusVet member, they may offer to create a reminder that helps you remember your dog’s once-a-month heartworm preventative pill, then send that reminder to your VitusVet app.

If you haven’t downloaded our VitusVet app yet, do so today to get started. It can save not only time and your sanity, but it may just save your pet’s life.