Essential Information At Your Fingertips: Helpful Apps For Pet Owners

Posted by VitusVet on Sep 11, 2015 3:49:43 PM

Beyond storing and organizing all of your pet’s medical records – and creating a user-friendly experience – VitusVet is part of a growing industry aimed at serving pet owners online. Prescriptions? Filled. Appointments? Set up. Specialist referrals? Streamlined...All with a decisive swipe of your index finger.

With the explosion of mobile technology, VitusVet joins other terrific mobile applications – all with the same goal in mind: to help your pet get great care and to make pet care easier for you. What are some of the other helpful apps for pet owners? We’re glad you asked!

With Health In Mind

There’s no shortage of apps to entertain you or guide you, but those apps involving – or centering around – your pet’s health are definitely among the most helpful. For instance:

  • Pup Tox – Perhaps one of the most critical of mobile apps for pet owners, Pup Tox informs you of what your pet should not be exposed to, and what to do if a questionable ingredient is consumed. But don’t let the name fool you: it’s not just for dogs.
  • Red Cross – Every pet owner hopes to never need to use pet first aid or CPR, but having the information available when you need it is absolutely critical.
  • Map My Dog Walk – This app, made possible by Subaru, allows you to track walks or hikes with your dog. By measuring speed, duration, distance, and elevation via GPS, you can reach fitness goals together.

Speaking Of GPS...

If you happen to be traveling out of town, or just looking for new pet-friendly opportunities, the Bring Fido app is your one-stop shop. From pet friendly hotels around the country to eateries, and from beaches to parks, this GPS-centered app has all of your pet’s needs covered.

Also, the Tagg Pet Tracker uses your mobile device’s GPS signal to locate your pet if he or she happens to slip outside. Your pet has to wear a tracker on his or her collar, but if you're ever looking for your pet, your phone will help you narrow down the search perimeter.

Behavioral Apps For Pet Owners

When training your pet to follow commands, perform tricks, or use the bathroom, you guessed it: there’s an app for that!

  • Clicker Training – If you are like us, one device is all you need. When using clicker dog training, you can easily turn your phone into the clicker device required for positive training.
  • Potty BreaksPuppy Coach is a fun, eye-catching mobile app that can help you train your dog’s bathroom schedule, among other worthy endeavors.
  • Dog Whistle – This app can help a pet respond to commands via high frequencies. Although not a substitute for proper or professional training, this app could come in handy if you are attempting to get your pet to come home or to quiet down.
  • Pet Acoustics – Many pet owners struggle with an anxious pet and could potentially benefit from sharing soothing sounds and music from the pet acoustics app. It’s always worth a try!

VitusVet App For Pet Owners

Our own VitusVet app ensures that you always have your pet’s complete medical records at your fingertips. Whether you’re traveling, taking your pet to a specialist, or dealing with a late-night pet emergency, it can be either convenient or life-saving to have those records available 24/7. In addition, our app is an easy way to create medication reminders, coordinate pet care information with your family, or share records with a pet sitter or boarding facility.

In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, we continue to find new and streamlined ways to do what we’ve always done--provide the best care for our beloved four-legged family members.