Why Creating A Digital Presence Is Important for Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Liz Thoms on Aug 31, 2016 1:34:07 PM

quiz-flinstones.jpgThe Digital Age is upon us. There’s no denying that the introduction of tablets and smartphones into our lives has made us more contactable than ever, and consumers are now expecting more from their service providers, veterinary clinics are no exception. I know we are busy and keeping up with the modern day customer isn't easy, but there are definitely steps that we can take to make it more possible.

First, gauge how digitally advanced your veterinary practice is. This quick 7 question quiz can help you figure out if your practice is stuck in the stone ages or if it's a place Judy Jetson would be proud to take their dog, Astro.

Improve Your Digital Presence Today!

Why is it so important to for your veterinary practice to go digital?

1) Increases interaction with customers

Interacting with customers on a more consistent basis without trying to sell them something can boost customer satisfaction. More genuine consistent touch points can increase loyalty and compliance. 

2) Increases brand awareness immensely

Your customers and potential customers are checking their phones dozens of times in one day. The mobile friendly your veterinary practice the easier it is for clients to stay connected. 

3) Potential and existing clients expect it

In 2016 every client expects to find your business online. Your website is potentially the first impression a client will see. If it is hard to navigate or doesn't exist, then you might be losing clients to your competition down the street.

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