Are you still stuck in the 80's?

Posted by VitusVet on Sep 16, 2014 4:04:00 PM

I always tell people that being a veterinarian is more of a calling than a job.  Like many of you, it never really crossed my mind to be anything OTHER than a veterinarian. In my career I've worked as a general practitioner, ER vet and in referral practice, and those experiences have allowed me to see our profession through a number of different lenses. In just my lifetime, the way we treat and value pets in our society has undergone a truly fascinating transformation.  Pets have gone from the barn to the barnyard to the porch to the kitchen to the bedroom to the bed....all in just one generation!  This transformation has funded some tremendous advancements in the field of veterinary medicine, yet the way we SHARE this information with each other is still stuck in the 1980's.  

Technology is changing the world today and sharing information is easier than it has ever been.

In this ever changing world, how are you sharing your patient's information with other veterinarians and your clients?

Faxing Medical Records

Invented in the 1850's (!), the fax machine has been the primary way veterinarians share medical records with each other since it entered widespread use in the 1980's.  For paper practices, this is by far the most common method of transferring records, but why are fully computerized practices STILL faxing records?  Between faxing, re-faxing, and call-backs wondering where your documents are, it's no wonder your staff spends between 20-50% of their time on this outdated technology.

Emailing Medical Records

Too many steps & Manual
While IN THEORY this should be easier than sending a fax, in reality it's still cumbersome and inefficient.  
  • Still requires someone to be IN your office to manually send it. 
  • Takes time and might get blocked in SPAM
  • They're not available after hours, and they represent a "snapshot" of your patient:  They don't give you any information in real-time.
At VitusVet, we just don't think that's good enough anymore, so we're doing something about it. Our software makes it easier for veterinarians to share information with ER hospitals, referral clinics, boarding kennels, and other general practitioners.  If you make your receptionists' jobs easier, they have more time to focus on your clients.  And your clients will love you for it! Watch the video to learn more...

Easier, Smarter and More Reliable!
Anytime, anywhere, on any device

Often, private practices maintain the status quo because it seems easier and less expensive than adopting change—but this way of thinking is shortsighted and could drain tens of thousands in annual profits. In an increasingly competitive field, veterinarians cannot afford to simply keep up. Your peers may be content to maintain status quo, but best-in-class veterinarians understand they must lead the way with new, innovative technologies in information management.

Vitus can help you practice better medicine, increase client loyalty, and improve your practice's profitability.  Contact us today to learn more! Email us

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