4 Tools that Increase Revenue Immediately

Posted by Mark Olcott, DVM on Jul 27, 2015 1:39:19 PM

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These four easy-to-use tools provide insight into your practice from your client's perspective. Take a spin-through to see how pricing, marketing, record sharing, and accounting contribute directly to revenue.

4 Simple Tools to try:

  • Grade your marketing at Marketing.grader.com to get an overview of your entire online footprint and learn ways to improve right away.
  • Assess your pricing at Zoetisus.com, a patented method for determining fair service pricing. Are you charging too much? Too LITTLE?
  • Improve communication with VitusVet.com, a robust records-sharing software that shares records with your clients and other veterinarians online and on a smartphone app. (This is our company)
  • Stop losing revenue with Smartflowsheet.com, a tool that improves patient care and profitability through organizing in-patient treatment.

How We help you Generate Revenue

VitusVet keeps your practice at your clients’ fingertips. We make it MUCH easier to:

  • Request appointments
  • Refill medications
  • Refer friends

Contact us to learn more and start earning more money today.

P.S. You don't need to change your practice management software to use it!