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Two-way Texting

Spend less time juggling phone calls and more time fostering personalized and effective communications. Enable your practice landline to send and receive text messages and photos to communicate with pet owners.

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Smart Reminders

Smart reminders can be sent based on client preference, including text, push and email. Multi-channel follow-up ensures that you always find the best way to communicate with each pet owner.

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Smarter Communications

Save money with our enhanced communication strategy. VitusVet's smart preference management can identify which clients should receive mail reminders, and shifts others to digital communications methods.

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I see VitusVet as being vital to our success. I can truly tell you that our clients are impressed with the app – over 75% subscribed!

Dr. Michael Henricks, Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic — Dublin, Ohio

Smoother operations, happier pet owners.

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